Diapason – Avril 2007 • Pierre Etcheverry

On 3 November 2014

On the complete works of COUPERIN

“The ambitious interpretation of the complete works by Pierre Etcheverry is not lacking in several qualities. The commitment of expression of the musician, which surpasses the apparent conventions of writing and proposes an expressive vision of this multiplicity of pieces, uses a dynamic palette unique to the piano and, especially, knows how to express all the abandon, the tenderness and mischief – which is somewhat more evident in the music of the harpsichord, and of which the piano equivalent requires much imagination. Sensitivity to the evolution of the writing in one piece, humour without worldliness, sincere gravity, give a personal tone to the whole which draws in the listener.
The pedal is used frequently (and why not ?), a rubato which is often surprising (Les Baricades), daring partis pris (basse des musettes).
But also a seductive intuition, flexible and eloquent agogism, which makes the listener forget the instrument and relish the musical discourse. Complete works to recommend to those really allergic to the harpsichord.”

Philippe RAMIN 

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